The Body Gospel Workout Is America’s #1 Faith Based Workout

If you’ve struggled to lose weight on your own, you’re not alone. Millions of people just like you struggle with it every day. Moms, husbands, hard working folks. But after years of searching these people finally found a way to get healthy by uniting their desire to lose weight, with a power they knew they could depend on — faith.

Introducing Body Gospel –are you ready for our party with a purpose? And the purpose is to get you healthy, mind body and spirit. Let’s Get Moving!

Why Is Body Gospel So Revolutionary?

Body Gospel is different because it has a variety of workouts. There’s muscle conditioning, cardio, stretch, resistance training, circuit, and the foundation of the workout is God.

Body Gospel Workout is the first faith based in home fitness program set to incredible gospel music that makes it easy for beginners, and effective for everyone. Remember, when you put the faith in the Lord, you’ll never walk alone. So cherish the gift of life He has given you, and join us in this powerful fellowship of fitness, because with Body Gospel, if you believe, you will succeed.

What The Does Body Gospel Workout Include?

Body Gospel includes everything necessary to help you change your life for the better. This is more than just a collection of workout DVD’s, but a comprehensive guide to help you get your life back on track with the aid of your faith and the power of the Lord.

Each Body Gospel Program includes:
Six Inspiring, Prayer Led Workouts (6 DVDs):

  • Body Revival: This cardio workout will not only help you burn calories but will also lift your spirit and will leave you energized!
  • Power and Praise: This Interval Training workout along with the unique resistance bands designed by Donna, will help you melt the fat, tone and define your muscles
  • Gospel Glory: Advanced cardio workout to help you with those problem areas hips, thighs and stomach
  • Strength and Spirit: Strenght and cardio training will maximize weight loss, shred fat, sculpt and shape your body
  • Core Revelation: Slim you thighs and backside, say goodby to your love handles and define your abs at the same time
  • Stretch in the Spirit: this workout will help you achieve flexibility, release stress and rejuvenate your body

Body Gospel Tools To Track Your Progress:

Total Transformation Guide: Which includes a Commitment Contract, a 30-day custom workout calendar that will show you the workout you have to do each day to achieve maximum results, plus you get a 30-day tracking journal and daily scripture to strenghten your faith

Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide: This easy to follow meal plan designed by Donna and filled with mouth watering recipes will help you lose weight and increase your energy

Personal Training Cards: Perfect for beginners, this cards show you proper form and technique for the fundamental moves

Resistance Bands: Pro-grade resistance bands will help you strenghten your core, define and sculpt your upper and lower body

Scripture based daily journal to connect your faith as part of your workout

An Three Extra Bonuses

Stepping in the Spirit inspirational walking CD: Donna leads you thru this walking workout set to gospel music hits. This power walk workout lasts only 20 minutes!

3-Day Jump Start Plan: This quick start plan is a powerful and healthy start that will help you lose up to 3 pounds and 3 inches in 3 days guaranteed!
Body Gospel Live! workout DVD: Experience this amazing workout with a live gospel choir at home.
24/7 online Support and Online Chat with training tips and personal assistance from your coach

Frequently Asked Body Gospel Questions

Who is Donna Richardson?

Donna Richardson (wife of popular syndicated radio personality, the “Fly Jock,” Tom Joyner), is an energetic, beautiful promoter of health awareness, vitality and fitness. An incredibly succesful fitness instructor, writer, ambassador and motivator, this Silver Springs, MD native created and produced her videos to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle among Americans.

Her “Sweating In The Spirit” show, which brings together spirituality with health, is the #1 gospel exercise video in the country, featuring live performances by gospel greats Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Shirley Murdock. “This is the music that gets your soul stirring,” Richardson Joyner says, “you are giving praise to God and taking care of your temple at the same time.”

Donna Richardson was a Presidential appointee of President George W. Bush’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. This prestigious group worked toward promoting physical activity, fitness and sports for all Americans. Recently inducted into the esteemed Fitness Hall of Fame and named by Essence Magazine as being “one of the most inspiring women in America,” the well-toned Dallas, Texas resident also produces and hosts her own “Donna Richardson Show,” which airs on TV One, as well as “Sweating In The Spirit,” which airs on the Word Network.

The author of the best-selling book “Let’s Get Real: Exercise Your Right To A Healthy Body,” Richardson Joyner has lectured in 40 countries and has been a featured motivational speaker with God’s Leading Ladies, Sisters In The Spirit and the Pantene Total You tours. She has served on the Women’s Sports Foundation Board of Trustees and is currently an Advisory Board Member for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.Accolades abound: A natural athlete, Richardson Joyner was selected by the “Oprah Winfrey Show” as one of the “Top 5 Fitness Video Instructors.” She was also selected by Fitness Magazine as one of their “Top 10 Movers And Shakers.”

What Is Body Gospel?

Body Gospel is a breakthrough concept in health and fitness developed by inspirational fitness legend, Donna Richardson Joyner. Donna spent years pumping up sellout crowds while helping men and women of all shapes and sizes lose the weight and get healthy. Her secret is incorporating her breakthrough workouts and healthy nutrition with the power of faith. And now she’s made Body Gospel available to you, as the first faith based DVD workout program.

Body Gospel is a Christian Workout, that helps you to put 1 Cor 6:19-20 into practice. Your body is a temple and you are called to take care of it. Donna Richardson aims to change the way you focus on beauty, from the details to the core, and make you enjoy yourself, dance, laugh out loud, and get moving!

Set to inspiring songs like”Hallelujah Praise”, “Thank You Lord”, and “The Presence of the Lord”, Body Gospel will make pushing yourself that extra mile to burn fat and build muscle a righteous pleasure. Feel that same sense of empowerment and purpose that you feel each week in church, and through your personal connection to Christ, Donna Richardson will be the best and most unique faith-based fitness program on the market.

How is Body Gospel Different from Other Programs?

  • Combines the power and strength given by your faith with a one-of-a-kind fitness program
  • All workouts are set to inspiring chart-topping Christian music hits
  • Every workout session starts with a prayer led by Donna Richardson
  • The program has an inspirational focus
  • The program is easy to follow and less dance-based that other programs
  • An inspiring fellowship of fitness