P90X Recovery Drink: New And Improved Formula

The P90X Recovery Drink, also known as the P90X Recovery Formula, is an integral nutrition component of the P90X Home Fitness System. This is an after workout shake to be consumed after any vigorous fitness activity like the P90X Workout or Insanity.

The P90X Recovery Drink is a water soluble powder that combines 4 parts carbs to 1 part protein. It comes in a delicious, orange flavor and unlike other recovery / after workout shakes, it has no annoying aftertaste. In addition to the carb to protein ratio, the P90X recovery Formula is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, creatine, L-Glutamine and more. The average serving has 220 calories. For your convenience, it’s available in a 3.5 lb tub (25 servings) or in individual packets (26 servcing per box).

Why is the P90X Recovery Drink Important?

Consuming an after workout shake like the P90X Recovery Drink will significantly assist in quality muscle and physical recovery after a serious bout of exercise like those in the P90X workout, or a session of Insanity’s Plyometrics routines, or any other hard core aerobic conditioning workout.

Poor or incomplete recovery in between workouts are evident: poor workout intensity & form, tiredness, lingering muscle soreness, and even decreased muscle mass. Extensive scientific research has demonstrated that nutritional intake taking place right after vigorous exercise and up to 90 minutes after can greatly assist in an individual’s recovery time. Enter the P90X Recovery Drink …

How Does the P90X Recovery Drink / Formula Work?

Muscles and muscle fiber is made of protein. These fibers increase in size when protein is synthesized. A bout of physical activity increases the breakdown in muscle protein and at the same time lowers protein creation. There is also a depletion of glycogen, which is the primary energy source for muscles. Finally, levels of insulin drop during physical activity. Insulin is the hormone responsible for enabling tissues to absorb glucose, to build glycogen, and is the amino acid used to build muscle protein, while decreasing the breakdown of muscle protein during the post-exercise period.

The whole point of after workout nutrition, like the P90X Recovery Drink is to make sure that glycogen levels are replenished and that the process of protein synthesis (creation) gets underway.

The Complex carbs in the P90X Recovery Formula are the body’s primary source of glucose, the principal ingredient needed in the production of glycogen.

What Are The Benefits of Using the P90X Recovery Drink?

The P90X Recovery Drink can help restore glycogen levels thanks to its carbohydrate content. Why is this so important? Because low glycogen levels can trigger low protein production and therefore muscle mass loss. Using the P90X Recovery Drink allows the body’s insulin levels to rise. Insulin is a crucial hormone in firing up protein synthesis. Carbohydrates also help in the release of growth hormones, which in turn leads to increased muscle. In addition higher carb levels decrease cortisol concentration. Cortisol is a hormone that is released during periods of physical stress such as when doing the P90X workout.

The P90X Recovery Formula contains 10gr of protein per serving. Its amino acids ware of high bio – availability and used as building blocks in the recovery process. These important essential amino acid in the P90X Recovery Drink synergistically work with insulin and maximize the production of muscle protein.

The P90X Recovery Drink: Conclusion

The P90X Recovery Drink is the best carb/protein recovery drink on the market. The optimal form of carbohydrate for the recovery drink is glucose and glucose polymers (several glucose molecules), such as maltodextrin. The ideal protein whey hydrosylate.

The majority of people tolerate liquids better than food after physical activity. That’s why fluids like the P90X Recovery Formula also has the advantage of helping replenish the fluids lost during exercise, and is digested and absorbed more rapidly than solid food.

In addition, the P90X Recovery Drink is complete with additional vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants required by bodies undergoing physical transformation. The multi-vitamin portion is complete enough to allow give you more than the required daily recommended dose of key vitamins and minerals

P90X Recovery Drink Reviews: What Customers Are Saying!

I was hesitant to spend $43 on the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, I did not want to taste another gross after workout shake. But i went ahead with the order and i am really happy i did. And it true, it does taste like an old school creamiscle. Its one of the best part of the tony’s workout.”

–Michelle, Phoenix, AZ

“. Just when i though I had tried it all, i get this stuff….And this stuff is great. I first thought it was one of those overpriced powdered drinks, a tool to get more money out of me…I was dead wrong…THIS STUFF WORKS and TASTES GREAT”

–Jeno, San Diego, CA

“The P90X juice is soooo good. Did your mom ever give you the orange flintsone vitamins? Thats what it taste like. I am nowhere near as sore after P90X upper body workouts when i drink it. It used to do heavy upper body and be for the count the next day to recover…. now i can go on to my next with no problem … Thanks Beachbody”

–Bradley Crain, Palmdale, CA

“Man o manichevitz! This is awesome and i say we name it Tony’s KoolAid!, now all we need is free shipping and we are al set!!!!.”

– david d, NYC


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