Turbo Fire Workout: High Intensity Interval Training by Chalene Johnson & Beachbody

If you are looking for a easy workout, you’re out of luck. This is Turbo Fire ®,  a grueling  12-weeks of High  Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) program. This is cardio like never before.  It’s the program that Chalene Johnson has always wanted to create and was afraid to. And now, it’s a fat scorching, heart pounding reality.

Get ready to step up you’re game. Get ready to feel the energy  while working out in the best spot in class.

Turbo Fire 101 – What You Need To Know!

It definitely has a Turbo Jam flavor in that there’s amazing music and the workouts are fun. It includes kickboxing and athletic drills.

It’ a brave new world.  Chalene takes her workouts to a whole new level, this is the logical and anticipated evolution..

This program is very athletic (intermediate to advanced level) . Less dance and less choreography than other workouts.

What sets the TF apart from Turbo Jam and Chalene Extreme are the H.I.I.T workouts.

This is a serious and demanding cardio program and with an added strength training component.

Basic Fire  Package Contents (12 Classes in 10 DVDs)

Fire Classes – Cardio Workouts
–    FIRE 30 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class
–    FIRE 45 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class
–    FIRE 55 EZ Class Plus Stretch 10 Class
–    FIRE 45 EZ Class Plus Stretch 10 Class

H.I.I.T Classes (High Intensity Interval Training)
–    HIIT 15 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class
–    HIIT 20 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class
–    HIIT 25 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class
Core Classes
–    CORE 20 Class
–    STRETCH 40 Class

Sculpts, Tone Classes – Body Sculpting and Strength Training workouts
–    SCULPT  30 Class
–    TONE 30 Class

Stretch Classes – Flexibility
–    STRETCH 40 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class

And The Following Support Material

“Get Fired Up” instructional DVDs: where Chalene Johnson explains how the whole program works. This instructional dvd offers a step by step overview of the workout, along with tips about how to keep the things very safe, stay motivated and inspired. It’s also a great get started right guide for those who are not graduates of any previous program.

Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide: This is a program schedule and includes ways to integrate with other programs like Chalean Extreme. Turn Up the Burn fitness guide gives you a chance to learn more about H.I.I.T  training, how it affects your body and how is it going to take your fitness to the next level.

Fuel the Fire: This is the mother of all nutrition guides, with tons of  doable recipes, giving you lots variety. Also, family size meals to fit any lifestyle.

5 Day Inferno : A 5-day plan which will help you lose up to 10 lbs. You want to be in shape before you can get started.  The 5 days schedule comes with a meal plan and includes using Shakeology everyday. The test group experienced insane results, with some participants having lost up to 10 lb.

Class Schedule: Chalene created a specially designed schedule that’s proven to work so you don’t have to guess what today’s or the next workout is.

Lower Body Band: to help you with toning and sculpting your lower body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the secret behind this program?

This program is based on High Intensity Interval Training known as H.I.I.T These are short burst of maximum effort, followed by quick recovery periods. This is the the cutting edge of training for maximum transformation and is proven to get results faster that any other type of cardio exercise.

These peak and valley exertion patterns ignite your metabolism, creating a phenomenon know as the After Burn Effect.  This is why you can burn up to nine times more fat and calories  than any other traditional cardio program you’ve ever tried.

What Are It’s Feature and Benefits?

With H.I.I.T. Burn up to nine times more fat than traditional cardio workouts..

Each of these 12  classes was produced to give you the group exercise feel right in your living room.
Chalene Johnson personally produced the music so that every beat hits every move. Remixed songs you know and love like “Bad Girls”, “It’s Tricky”, “Proud Mary”, “Get Down On It”.

New To Class DVD Option:  it’s like Chalene is completely focused on you. The first time you pop in each FIRE DVD you can select the “New to Class” option where Chalene will walk you through every move and the fine points of the class so you get the best results, safely and easily.

And just as you expected from the best trainers, Chalene even walks you through the entire program step by step with the Get Fired UP DVD

How is it different from Turbo Jam and Chalean Extreme?

  • It incorporates HIIT training  & is more intense.
  • It contains more cardio and less resistances training than Chalean Extreme.
  • It’s designed to be used in conjunction with Chalean Extreme for even more results and a lifetime maintenance fitness plan.


How is different from P90X or Insanity?

Compared to P90X, Turbo Fire is more focused on cardio than intensity training.

Compared to Insanity (which is centered around Max interval training), this program  takes interval training to the next level. In this workout, there’s no daily interval training. You can’t do Insanity 2 times in a row, TurboFire’s  cardio/HIITschedule can be done indefinitely.

Hot music tracks plus martial arts sound effects.
Includes Chalene’s signature Turbo Moves (cardio kickboxing).

Unique selling points

It’s a great way to give people that feeling of taking the perfect live class.

You don’t need to go to the gym and fight for a spot in class where you can see the instructor.

The Best Trainer: With nearly 20 years of teaching experience. Chalene Johnson is America’s number one master motivator and fitness instructor.
The Best Workout: with H.I.T.T. you will lose serious fat and burn major calories.

The Best Music: With over 20 popular club hits personally mixed by Chalene . It’s the hottest soundtrack of any workout ever put on DVD. Aside from that there are also songs created just for the workouts.

Chalene spent hours in an studio with recording artists, rappers, lyricists and singers to create a soundtrack that will blow your mind. Every single beat makes you want to work harder.
The Best Spot in Class: People line up for Chalenes SoCal classes but with TurboFire,  Chalene saves you the best spot in class.

TurboFire Tips and Recommendations

Make sure you fuel your body with proper nutrition, lots of water and plenty of rest. Follow the Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide to feed your metabolism, sustain your strength and avoid the running on empty feeling. Don’t burn yourself out, HIIT is both tough and tiring and to get the most it you need to train smart and follow TF’s structured plan.

Prepare for a Fire Drill, HIIT is super intense and there’s a chance you might not be able to do it at the beginning. Don’t get discouraged you can gradually build up your intensity levels and soon you will have the proper condition to give it all up.

Always know your limits and know when to slow down your intensity. You don’t want to risk injuring yourself. Remember to warm up, stay in control, mantain proper form, listen to your body and cool down.

Good shoes are important when doing a workout this intense a good pair of cross-trainers will absorb the shock, protect your joints and will give support to your feet.

Interested in more Turbo Fire products? Checkout the Turbo Fire Advanced and Recovery Uprade, Turbo Fire Upgrade DVDs or if you are really ready feel the burn get the Turbo Fire Deluxe the complete system.